How CBD Can Help With Sleep Issues & Insomnia

Poor sleep has many causes. Whether you deal with insomnia or struggle to get restful sleep on a routine basis, CBD products may be a good solution for you. But in order to understand how CBD can help you sleep better, we first need to understand why you might not be able to fall asleep quickly or stay asleep throughout the night. Mental health concerns like anxiety & stress are one of the most common causes of restlessness. Other causes for difficulty sleeping include caffeine intake, physical conditions (i.e. pain), environmental factors (i.e. noise pollution), and other medications. CBD oil infused products may not be able to help with all of these problems, but are effective in decreasing pain, improving relaxation, and helping destress. If you believe these are the root causes of your sleep problems, CBD might be right for you.

How To Use CBD For Sleep Issues

CBD research is relatively new, but there is good research that CBD can help treat anxiety and stress. In studies on CBD products, the majority of subjects have reported better sleep and less stress thanks to CBD products. Additionally, there is ample research for how CBD products can help individuals decrease pain. Because pain can often hurt our ability to sleep, CBD is often recommended to patients who experience chronic or temporary pain. It is important to understand that CBD is not a psychoactive drug. Unlike THC, CBD will not get you “high”. Instead you will likely feel a decrease in pain or stress that can lead to a more restful night.

How Much CBD Should I Use To Treat Arthritis?

The amount of CBD an individual needs will differ depending on a variety of factors. Just like with any medication, different people will react differently to larger or smaller doses. If you are new to CBD it is recommended that you start with small dosages. Pay attention to how you feel and if you feel the need to, consider increasing the doses incrementally over the course of a few weeks. For specific recommendations on how much CBD to take, feel free to contact us or ask your medical provider.

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