"I am very excited to create this joint venture with the Extract Wellness team. Consumers deserve the assurance that high quality brands like ours maintain complete control of each step in the process from planting hemp to manufacturing finished products. The combination of Extract Wellness products made from hemp sourced from Sweetbrier Farm makes for a perfect fit, and I am honored to be the official brand ambassador. -Rick Dees

Extract Wellness is proud to be partnered with Rick Dees, multimedia entertainer and proprietor of Sweetbrier Farms, in forming Wellness Ventures, an integrated hemp and CBD products company based in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a partnership that will ensure our customers will be able to choose from a great variety of high-quality products that come from a high-quality farming property.

Rick Dees, who is perhaps best known for “Rick Dees Weekly Top 40” (also known as “The Weekly Top 40”), the #1 radio countdown show in history--internationally known and broadcast across 200+ radio stations worldwide--, has been a staple in the entertainment industry from his early career to the present day. While working as a Memphis, Tennessee DJ at “The Great 68” (WMPS AM 680), he wrote the #1 chart-topping smash hit “Disco Duck”, which went on to sell 6 million copies and won him a People’s Choice Award, as well as a BMI Award for most records sold in one year. From then on, he’s enjoyed a varied and rewarding career as a DJ, performer, writer, producer, and more. He’s been nominated for a Grammy, was inducted into the Broadcast Hall of Fame, and has been a consistent voice in the lives of countless people across the world with his radio show. 

What he may be less known for, however, is his passion and enthusiasm for sustainable farming and organic agriculture. He has long been a supporter of both, and is the proprietor of Sweetbrier Farms, which is based in Danville, Kentucky. Its nickname, “The Hemptons”, is no joke--it is an incredible farming land that is well-suited for growing hemp. Extract Wellness is honored to have him as brand ambassador for Wellness Ventures. 

Sweetbrier Farms is located on the largest underground reservoir in the area, and its water runs through limestone, which serves as a natural filter that cleans the water to as high a purity as possible. In addition, the tobacco infrastructure of Kentucky serves as a great base for hemp manufacturers to build off of, who with only slight modifications can grow high-quality hemp on large acreage. It is truly worthy of its nickname of The Hemptons, and we here at Extract Wellness are beyond excited to be involved with Sweetbrier Farms, and, of course, Rick Dees. 

Partnering with Rick Dees has afforded us a wealth of opportunities to expand and grow, to ensure that high-quality CBD and hemp products sold to the public come from high-quality places. Sweetbrier Farms is one such place. Wellness Ventures has secured rights to grow hemp on and purchase hemp from Sweetbrier Farms. In addition, the promotional resources afforded by Dees Entertainment offer a vast array of options for reaching a wide consumer base, so that our healing and satisfying products will help a higher portion of the population, and that what is grown on Sweetbrier Farms travels far. We truly hope our customers share in our excitement with this partnership and enjoy the CBD and hemp products that come from it.