CBD Wellness Rewards Program

The Wellness Rewards program is designed to give our customers premium discounts and credits for sharing the wealth and benefits of Extract Wellness Hemp Extract products. This program is free, easy, and requires no obligations.

At Extract Wellness, we take quality seriously– so much so it is one of our core values.
  • Integrity - Honesty in all we do.
  • Quality - Holding ourselves to the highest standards of quality each and every day.
  • Knowledge - Strive to be a resource in the hemp extract industry.
  • Community - Be a positive influence and drive awareness of hemp extracts as a natural wellness solution to consumers across the globe.

As part of the Wellness Rewards program and as a brand ambassador, you will earn real dollars that you can use exclusively online to purchase products. Every time your friends and family order products from ExtractWellness.com, you earn 5% of every order in credits. You share the wellness and you earn Wellness Rewards!

Enroll In Wellness Rewards Today By Creating A Free Account

Creating a Wellness Rewards account with ExtractWellness.com is free, optional, and gives you the following benefits:

  • Ability to Earn Wellness Rewards
  • Express Checkout
  • Access Your Order History/Order Status
  • Easy One Click Re-Ordering
  • Access to Your Rewards Dashboard

How does Wellness Rewards work?

  1. Create a free account here
  2. Share the wellness by inviting others to visit Extract Wellness by inputting their email.
  3. Every time your invited friends and family order products from ExtractWellness.com, you will earn 5% of every order! There is no limit to how much cash you can earn!*

Where do I find my Rewards?

View your Wellness Rewards Dashboard to see your available balance as well as to invite friends, resend invites, or delete invites. You must be logged into your account for your point balance to populate. It’s that simple! You will also be prompted to use any Rewards you may have earned at checkout, though you can use partial credit or none at all.

Why choose Extract Wellness?

Extract Wellness hemp extract products are handcrafted from pure 100% Kentucky hemp and are all natural. Our hemp extracts are made using a supercritical CO2 fluid extraction process and all products are 3rd party lab tested to verify the quality and quantity of ingredients. Sweetbrier Farm was one the first farmers to receive a hemp license in Kentucky. Being at the forefront in allowing us to test and refine our products since 2017 has ensured the absolute best quality on the market. Although we’ve been refining our Extract Wellness products for several years, our connection to hemp runs much deeper. Sweetbrier Farm is 5th generation, originally commissioned to grow hemp during the war over 100 years ago. It makes us proud to be able to continue a legacy that started generations before us. Our hemp is one of a kind and one of the few companies where you can track your product from seed to shelf. Our water is filtered naturally through limestone rock in the ground purifying the water and making it as clean as possible. Sweetbrier Farms is positioned on top of the largest limestone reservoir in the area allowing us to farm with some of the purest water found anywhere.

Rick Dees Partnership

Extract Wellness is also proud to be partnered with Rick Dees, multimedia entertainer and proprietor of Sweetbrier Farms, in forming Wellness Ventures, an integrated hemp and CBD products company based in Louisville, Kentucky. It is a partnership that will ensure our customers will be able to choose from a great variety of high-quality products that come from a high-quality farming property.

Rick Dees, who is perhaps best known for “Rick Dees Weekly Top 40”, also known as “The Weekly Top 40”, the #1 radio countdown show in history (internationally known and broadcast across 200+ radio stations worldwide), has been a staple in the entertainment industry from his early career to the present day. While working as a Memphis, Tennessee DJ at “The Great 68” (WMPS AM 680), he wrote the #1 chart-topping smash hit “Disco Duck”, which went on to sell 6 million copies and won him a People’s Choice Award, as well as a BMI Award for most records sold in one year. From then on, he’s enjoyed a varied and rewarding career as a DJ, performer, writer, producer, and more. He’s been nominated for a Grammy, was inducted into the Broadcast Hall of Fame, and has been a consistent voice in the lives of countless people across the world with his radio show.

Partnering with Rick Dees has afforded us a wealth of opportunities to expand and grow, to ensure that high-quality CBD and hemp products sold to the public come from high-quality places. Sweetbrier Farms is one such place. In addition, the promotional resources afforded by Dees Entertainment offer a vast array of options for reaching a wide consumer base, so that our healing and satisfying products will help a higher portion of the population, and that what is grown on Sweetbrier Farms travels far. We truly hope our customers share in our excitement with this partnership and enjoy the CBD and hemp products that come from it.

Find answers to more of our questions on our FAQs page.

*Wellness Rewards can be used only at ExtractWellness.com to purchase available products and merchandise. Wellness Rewards are not transferable and cannot be paid out in actual cash.