CBD hemp salves are CBD-rich topical balms that are designed to be applied to the skin in areas that need relief. These CBD salves are not meant to be ingested, meaning they won't make their way into your bloodstream directly. Instead, the topical salve is absorbed into the skin above an affected area so it can target these problem areas more directly. CBD hemp salves can be applied to areas that are experiencing pain, soreness, arthritis, and more. When using a CBD salve, you should apply a liberal amount to the area that's in need of attention - whether it be sore muscles or joints, itchy or irritated skin, or any other physical problem that can be treated with CBD. At Extract Wellness, our CBD Hemp Salves come in two strengths: 250 mg and 500 mg, in scents like cinnamon chai, lemongrass, and apple crisp. Our CBD salves are often used in unison with ingestible forms of CBD like oils or tinctures for users to feel maximum effects.

The Benefits of CBD Hemp Salves

The benefit that many people love about CBD salves over other CBD products is that you can target a specific problem area. For example, you can apply the CBD salve to a sore joint, so you know it will positively affect that particular area rather than relying on ingestible CBD to make its way through the bloodstream to help that joint. Another benefit of CBD salves is that they're a great starting point for people who are reluctant to try ingestible or inhalable forms of CBD. When CBD hemp salves are applied to your skin, they activate your body's endocannabinoid receptors that keep your body well-balanced and healthy. CBD hemp salves are an excellent all-natural treatment for both pain in muscles and joints, as well as more common issues like dry or irritated skin.

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